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Mauritius Popular Places to Visit


Aquaventure were the pioneers in introducing undersea walking in Mauritius, located on the East Coast in Belle Mare; Aquaventure offers you the opportunity of seeing the marvellous sea-life that surrounds our shores and in complete safety.

With a specially designed helmet with a transparent visor and a continuous air supply you can enjoy the ultimate undersea adventure with no diving or even swimming skills, you don’t even get your hair wet so wearing glasses or contact lenses is not a problem.

With specially selected sites to visit Aquaventure will take you on an underwater adventure where you will experience the beautiful sea-life living in their natural environment. Catering for people of all ages Aquventure is a fantastic family experience and one you will treasure forever.

Belle Mare, Mauritius

Cascavelle Shopping Mall

Located at one of the busiest junctions in the western part of the island, connecting Black River, Tamarin and Flic en Flac, Cascavelle Shopping Village is a one-stop-shop in the West of Mauritius, with a 2,500m² supermarket, designer shops, everyday service providers, an attractive food court and restaurants. In addition, Cascavelle Shopping Village provides 400 parking bays, with parking specially allocated for the disabled.

Cascavelle Shopping Village offers a lively and vibrant open-air setting, with airy patios, stunning views on the sea and the mountains, in a lush environment, open seven days a week.
Latest Photos

The Cascavelle Shopping Mall near Flic en Flac, Albion, and Tamarin in Mauritius. The kids' corner in Cascavelle Shopping Mall makes for a perfect shopping experience Cascavelle shopping at night

Flic En Flac, Mauritius

Central Market

Port Louis’ rightly famous central market, the center of the local economy since Victorian times, is a good place to get a feel for the everyday life of many locals. Watch the hawkers at work and buy some souvenirs. Most authentic are the wonderful fruit and vegetable sections (including herbal medicines and aphrodisiacs) and the meat, fish and seafood market. If you’re looking for souvenirs, a wide variety of Malagasy handicrafts are available, along with souvenir t-shirts of varying quality. The level of hustling here can be tiresome, however, you’ll have to bargain hard; start by slashing the price quoted by about 30% and get yourself a bargain.

Port Louis, Mauritius

Wedding In Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius is well established as one of the top honeymoon destinations for wedding couples. But many are now choosing to combine their wedding and honeymoon abroad at a fraction of the cost of a wedding in the UK. We have extensive experience in arranging weddings in Mauritius and can handle all the arrangements for you. The procedure is very simple and with English as the official language of Mauritius this helps making it easy to tie the knot. Unlike many Caribbean resorts that allow multiple ceremonies a day most of the resorts we use in Mauritius only allow only one wedding per day!


Mauritius Honeymoons

Mauritius Honeymoons

We can help you choose the ideal resort for your honeymoon, whether you want romantic seclusion, relaxation on the beach, gourmet dining or an activity-filled holiday. Having visited these resorts, we can recommend the perfect one to suit your budget and preferences. More about Honeymoons in Mauritius.
Mauritius Weddings

Having arranged weddings in Mauritius for many couples and their guests we know how to turn the stress of planning a wedding abroad into a simple hassle-free process for you. We will guide you through the process, helping you to choose the ideal resort for your wedding. All weddings can be personalised to your specific requirements whether it’s a barefoot wedding on the beach, a golf-themed wedding or a romantic wedding on a jetty overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean. You can confidently leave all the arrangements in our hands and we will use our expertise and local knowledge to make your wedding day special for you. More about Weddings in Mauritius.


Quad Biking

Safari Quad Biking Adventure in Mauritius
Experience an adventurous Quad biking activity in the most amazing natural setting!
2 hours of quad-biking activity in the 4,500 hectares of Yemen natural reserve park.

The activity takes place in Mauritius' Yemen natural reserve park. The Park is located on the West Coast of Mauritius. It hosts two of the longest rivers on the island – Rivière Rempart and Tamarin River – and is a haven for all sorts of native wildlife.
The actual size of the natural reserve is of around 4500 hectares.
Today, it is a private nature reserve where luxurious fauna and flora can be admired.

Yemen nature reserve, home to herds of Java deers (around 9,000), wild boars, hares, macaque monkeys, mongoose and the fruit bats live inside the reserve and abundant indigenous and exotic plants such as ebony, cassias, tamarind, pink pepper and many more are also found in this amazing natural reserve.

A visit to the Yemen Reserve is like stepping into the middle of the African Savannah.
The Activity:

2 hours of intense pleasure to appreciate the exclusivity and the charm that prevails in the reserve. More than a quad bike outing, it is a trip through a real safari. During the quad biking trip it is possible to see deers, zebras, ostriches, African antelopes, wild boars and many more; this a very big added bonus to this activity.

You can enjoy this amazing experience in Mauritius as individual or together with your partner - You have a choice between single-sit quad for 1 person and double-sits quad, ideal for 2 people.
Children above the age of 8 can enjoy this quad biking activity alongside an adult on a double quad bike.

The quad biking trip allows one to discover the safari park in Mauritius whilst observing the wild animals in their habitat. You drive in a group led by experienced guides. After a last checking of this four-wheel drive, it takes a few minutes to initiate the quad drive.
The course takes you up the park heels, down some valley, across rivers and all while enjoying the great surrounding.


Horse Riding

The horse riding is done in a beautiful private domain spreading over 2000 hectares situated in the south-east of Mauritius.

The landscape at that domain is rather mountainous and offers the visitors spectacular panoramic views, indigenous forests, beautiful valleys, sparkling rivers, and encounters with wild animals and endemic birds.
From the domain’s peak half of Mauritius can be seen: the central plateaus, Moka mountains range, and also major part of the coastline.

Upon your arrival to the domain you will receive a welcome cocktails, followed by safety briefing and basic riding lesson.

As part of your horse riding excursion you will be able to watch kestrel, Mauritian cardinals, Java stag deers (rare deers foud in Mauritius), boars, monkeys and bats as well as rare species of birds like the "Cateau vert" and the "Crescerelle".

The horse riding trips are performed every day in the morning or during the afternoon, and are planned carefully according to the riding level of the riders so each rider will be sure to fully enjoy the ride and have memorable moments.

The horseback rides last approximately 2 hours and occur in small groups of 6 riders maximum.

The horses are “Boerperds.” This race of horses from South Africa is considered by experts as the ideal family horse – ideal for quiet rides by non-experienced riders. The nobility of these horses, their presence and their beauty makes for centuries an outstanding companion.

Experience guides will ride alongside allowing riders of all levels to enjoy the horse riding experience in maximum safety and to enjoy the scenery all along the ride.


Big Game Fishing

Unique Full Day Deep Sea Fishing activity on a 50ft boat in the deep seas off the west of Mauritius offered to you on shared basis!

A Full Day activity (7:00am –16:00pm) of adventure and fun on a 50 feet fishing boat, ideal for 3 anglers at a time and can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

Looking to enjoy a Deep sea fishing trip without hiring the boat on exclusivity? Then, this is definitely our recommendation! Whether you are alone, couple, family or group of friends; you are sure to enjoy our new approach to Big Game fishing!

About this Shared Basis Fishing Trip (50ft boat - Black River)

Come and enjoy our Shared Full Day Deep Sea Fishing on a 50ft boat which is ideal for 8 passengers, with preferably no more that 3 anglers at a time.

Experience our New Adventure in group or family and feel the exhilaration reeling in your catch and end this memorable journey on a more relaxing mode by admiring the exquisite West coast over a delicious lunch.

The Deep Sea fishing trip itself starts at 7.00 am, and you will be welcomed onboard for our New Adventure with a light breakfast served before departure.

Following the breakfast, you will have a short pre-departure briefing by the boat’s captain.

As this is a full day trip, you will have plenty of time to reach far into the deep sea and seek for the really big catches such as the giant Blue Marlin.

Also, the region of the South West of Mauritius is the home of groups of dolphins and as part of this full day fishing trip you will have the opportunity to cruise inside the Tamarind Bay seeing the dolphins.

Our experienced crew combines their skills to set up the perfect lines, best suited to that day’s fishing conditions. Our 50ft boat is one of the biggest on the West coast and isexcellently equipped for your adventure with us. It gives us the opportunity to offer a better comfort and service to our clients.


Champs De Mars

The Champ de Mars Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse race track in Port Louis, Mauritius. The Racecourse was inaugurated on 25 June 1812, by The Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) which was founded earlier in the same year by Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar, who was the first British Governor of Mauritius. The Mauritius Turf Club is the oldest horse-racing club in the Southern Hemisphere and the second oldest in the world. The race track follows a very selective right hand oval path and is relatively small in size, with a circumference of 1,298 meters (4,258.5 ft) and width between 12 and 14 meters (39 and 46 feet). The home-straight extends uphill and is 225 meters (738 ft) long. When Mauritius gained independence on 12 March 1968, the event including the flag hoisting ceremony was held here. Since then and for many years, the racecourse has seen the annual celebration of the accession to independence.

Today, the Champ de Mars attracts tens of thousands of people on each racing day during the racing season from late March to early December and has become the ultimate meeting place for racing fanatics from all over the island and even from abroad. The track has also played a fundamental role in propelling horse racing as the most popular sport and form of entertainment among the local population.

Port Louis, Mauritius

Writers & Artists In Mauritius

Writers & Artists


Mauritius is a country of poets, writers and artists, each inspired not only by the island’s stunning natural landscape, but also by its multicultural identity. It is to Mauritius that JMG Le Clézio – the 1998 Literature Nobel Prize winner – dedicated his prestigious award.

This small country shelters several other internationally recognised authors, too, including Malcolm de Chazal, Robert Edward Hart, Ananda Devi, Barlen Pyamootoo, Loys Masson, Edouard Maunick, Marcel Cabon, Abhimanyu Unnuth, Lindsey Collen, Natacha Appanah, Shenaz Patel, Dev Virahsawmy and Amal Sewtohul.


Mauritius is as well-known for its poetry as it is for its literature. Two particularly fine examples of Mauritian poets include Camille de Rauville – a French language writer born in Rose Hill in 1910, whose work focused heavily on ideological humanism – and the latter-day Khal Torabully, who is perhaps best known for coining the phrase ‘coolitude’ and who writes predominantly about the ‘coming together’ of different cultures and histories.

Art & Artists

Sculptors and painters working in Mauritius include Devanand Bhungsee, Nirveda Alleck, Khalid Nazroo, Vaco Baissac, Amrita Dyalah, Nita Treeboobhun and Véronique Leclézio. Photographers such as Pierre Argo and Tibye Sobha sit alongside film-makers and video directors like David Constantin, Selven Naidu and Nazim Sookia. There are also several choreographers, including Anna Patten and Sanedip Bhimjee, and many famous musicians – past and present – including Ti Frère, Kaya, Menwar, the Bhojpuri Boys and Eric Triton. Each of these individuals help define the island’s unique culture.