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Interactions With Lions And Cheetahs Tour

Country: Mauritius
City: Bambous
Duration: 0 Hour(s) - 15 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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Interaction with Lions and Cheetahs!!!
The Interaction is a unique activity of one-on-one time with one of these impressive predators (Lions, Cheetahs) in their compound.

As part of the Interaction you get to spend an exciting 15 minutes inside the enclosures of the Lions / Cheetahs, and discover these magnificent animals from very close.

The size and strength of any of these predators becomes abundantly clear as does their playfulness and swift agility. The beauty of these animals can really be appreciated in this close up, as part of the one on one experience between man and beast.

You will get to touch them, observe them closely, learn on their behavior and have a chat with the handlers.
For your convenience we offer these 2 Interactions Adventures:

Lions Interaction - 15 minutes with the Lions and their handlers
Cheetahs Interaction - 15 minutes with the Cheetahs and their handlers

Each of these interactions are offered separately, and you have maximum flexibility to choose to take part in one or two interactions.

The Interactions are carried out throughout the day from 09:00 to 16:30.

All the interactions activities are very popular and advance booking is a must !

More details about the Interactions:
Interaction with Lions:

Enter the lions enclosure for an exciting 15 minutes with the lions and their handlers.

The size and strength and beauty of the cats can really be appreciated when spending one-on-one time inside the lions enclosure.

As par of the Lions Interaction you will enter the lions enclosure, under the supervision of professional guides. You will get to touch them, observe them closely, see how they play and interact between them and have a chat with the handlers.

About the Lions: Lions are the second largest members of the cat family. They are the only cats that live in big family groups. Their primary habitat is green plains, savanna and forests. Male lions stay with a pride only as long as they are strong enough to defend their group from other males. A lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles away. The life span of a lion in the wild is about 12-18 years. In captivity it is more like 20-30 years.
Interaction with Cheetahs:

Enter the cheetahs enclosure for an exciting 15 minutes with the cheetahs and their handlers.

The size and speed of the cheetah becomes abundantly clear as does their gentle and noble behavior.

As part of the Interaction with the Cheetahs you will get to touch them, observe them closely and have a chat with the handlers.

About the Cheetahs: The cheetah is the fastest land animal and it can reach a speed up to 120km/h for short distances. As compared to some other cats cheetah are active during the day rather than during the night. The cheetah is an endangered animal on its way to becoming extinct and there is only between 9000 and 12000 remaining within the wild. The female cheetah tends to be more solitary. Cheetah being such solitary animals, we do not offer walks but offer the very rewarding experience of an interaction with them.

Visit of the Casela Nature Park – World of Adventures

Important: The Interactions with Lions and Cheetahs are done at the Yemen Reserve which is part of Mauritius Safari and Bird Park. Accordingly, we offer you to purchase the Lions / Cheetahs together with the entry tickets to the park.

About the Casela Safari and Bird Park: The Mauritius Casela Park is a real nature and adventure park. It is located besides the Rempart Mountain on the South-West of Mauritius offering magnificent views of the countryside rolling down the west coast of Mauritius.

The park includes four thematic worlds: Safari, Nature, Mountain and Water, as well as a hub for discovery and learning.

Safari Kingdom: Quad, Photo-Safari, dedicated area for Big Cats, Elephants and suitable for safaris and interactions with Giraffes.
Nature Kingdom: Bird Park, Canopy Park, Animal show.
Mountain Kingdom: Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Zip Lines, Climbing Wall
Water Kingdom: Wave pool, Toboggans (children and adults), a lagoon as well as an artificial river.
Discovery Centre: 4D Cinema, discovery of natural science and History of Mauritius through giant 3D Maps.

The visit to the park includes:

Toboggan - Experience a thrilling fun ride on the first toboggan slide in Mauritius, zigzagging your way through the tubby slide together with your family, friends and kids. The Toboggan includes two slides placed on a slope on which one slips with buoys. The first spans 1.80m, with turns and twists. The other, a little stiff and fast ending with a bump taking you up in the air landing on a gigantic buoy.
Walk thru the aviary - Walk through the bird aviary and interact with various colorful bird species from around the world.
Safari photo - Find yourself face-to-face with zebras, ostriches, deer, African antelopes and all their neighbors during a unique 45 minutes safari tour taking you to the Mauritian savannah onboard one of the safari vehicles.
Big cats viewing - For Big Cats lovers, this is a dream come true! Far from the African savannah, experience the thrill of coming close to the King and other big cats! Included in the ticket price is the visit to the Big Cats park where you would enjoy a close view of the lions, cheetahs and tigers.
Giraffe viewing - Come face to face with majestically animals for a unique viewing experience.
Kid’s playground - A new kid’s playground that will offer sensation to the young ones! A classic dome, a 5 way swing, a spire net, a climbing wall, springers, and seesaws among other adventures…
Petting farm - An ideal setting for people of all ages, especially children to interact with farm animals such as dears, rabbits, fawn and their other friends at the mini farm offering a touching experience. A great way for the young ones to learn about the animals and get closer to nature.

Additional activities offered at the Park:

  • Lions Drive through
  • Walking with Lions
  • Segway Excursion
  • Quad Biking
  • Photo Bus Safari
  • Zip Lines Excursion
  • Exclusive Safari Jeep Trip


The Interactions with the Lions / Cheetahs are offered every day except Sundays
The Interactions are is offered only for adults (15 years old or above)
All participants must be physically and mentally capable to perform this particular activity.
Participants should not have any major hearing or visual impairments. If any of the above is found incorrect on the day of your activity "NO" refund will be considered. These rules are for your safety.
This activity is covered by a safety brief therefore the participants need to be proficient either in French or English.
The Big Cat keepers, have the right to not let a customer participate in the activities if the restrictions are not met.
In order to take part in this activity you must be above 150cm (1.50m = 4.9 feet)
This activity is offered on these times: From 9.15am to 11.30am and from 1:30pm to 3.15pm

Exclusive Interaction with Lions / Cheetahs (Optional)

Enjoy a unique exclusive private 30 minutes’ Interaction with Lions or Cheetahs for only you and your partners.

For our clients who want that real and more exciting one on one experience, we bring to you the Exclusive option of having a Private Interaction with your chosen Big Cat, either the lions, cheetahs.

The Private Interaction Activity for 30 minutes which is double the time of the standard interaction activity, offering you more time to discover these magnificent creatures.

You will be accompanied in the enclosure by a personal guide; receive personal care and more explanation from the cat keeper and at the end of your Exclusive Interaction activity you will receive complimentary DVD of your experience.
Included in the Private Interaction package:

Private Interaction with Lions or Cheetahs (30 minutes)
DVD with pictures of your Interaction activity

Shared basis Interaction with Lions and Cheetahs:

Interaction with Lions: 60 USD/ person
Interaction with Cheetahs: 60 USD / person
Visit of the Mauritius Safari and Bird Park: 60 USD /person

Exclusive Interaction with Lions and Cheetahs

Price an Exclusive Interaction with Lions (up to 2 participants):517 USD
Price an Exclusive Interaction with Cheetahs (up to 2 participants): 517 USD
Visit of the Mauritius Safari and Bird Park: 60 USD / person

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