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Parasailing Sea Air Activity Tour

Parasailing Sea Air Activity Tour Packages
Country: Mauritius
City: Belle Mare
Duration: 0 Hour(s) - 6 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Parasailing

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Parasailing is the ideal excursion for those looking for a special sea-air activity.
Parasailing offers you a breathtaking bird's eye view of the beautiful lagoon and beaches of Mauritius, making it one of the best things to do during your vacation in Mauritius.
We offers you to enjoy parasailing in several different locations in Mauritius.

You can choose to experience parasailing in any of the following locations:

• Grand Baie (Mauritius North West)
• Belle Mare (Mauritius East Coast)
• Trou D’eau Douce / Ile aux Cerfs (Mauritius central East coast)

The parasailing begins with a short safety briefing. Then you will be taken by boat to the launch pod where you will later take off and start the parasailing.

Upon arrival to the launch pod, you will be connected with a secured certified harness to the parasail. Only after the ground assistants will check the rig and the flight harness they will signal the boat driver to start the engine and gradually accelerate the boat. You will slowly take off from the launch pod for a flight above the beautiful lagoon.

No steering is actually necessary as the sail follows the course of the boat.

It is also optional to do a "touch and go", which means that on the way down, instead of just reeling back onto the boat, you will fly for a while above the ocean and then be lower down for a dip in the sea before going up again while enjoying a very refreshing plunge.
What is Parasailing? Parasailing, also known as parascending, is an activity where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can parasail behind it at the same time.

Parasailing Duration:

The total duration of this excursion is of about 25-30 minutes, including a parasail flight of about 5-12 minutes. The duration of the parasail flight differ between the locations as detailed here below:
• Grand Bay: 10-12 min
• Belle Mare: 6 min*
• Trou d'Eau Douce / Ile aux Cerfs Island: 5-7 min*

*Note:The Parasailing activity at Ile Aux Cerfs is done at the Ile Aux Cerfs Island and in order to get access to the Island a boat transfer to the Island and back is required. Accordingly, for an additional cost of 40 USD , we can also arrange for you the boat transfer to the Island.


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