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Canyoning excursion in the South West area of Mauritius at Rivière Papayes.

This canyoning excursion is done at the Rivière Papayes, which is also known as Papaya River, located at an elevation of 161 meters above sea level. This canyoning circuit gives you the opportunity to discover waterfalls and crystal clear ponds of Rivière Papayes.

Situated near the village of Tamarin, Rivière Papayes has a landscape which is mostly covered with mosaic vegetation and croplands. This track constitutes an authentic and original route for canyoning with abseils of 5 to 20 metres that will suit both the beginner to the hardcore adventurer.

The canyoning trip starts with a safety briefing and equipment introduction for an initiation circuit so you’ll be well prepared for the abseiling activity taking place later on down the gorges.

After the initiation, you will head to a superb natural site in the heart of Yemen Reserve. Shortly after you will the first abseiling experience, a short abseiling down to the river. The next abseil is through a succession of 4 waterfalls.

The Rivière Papayes canyoning trip, consist of several abseils, and it also offers to enjoy some river trekking and swimming in the river.

For the more courageous ones, it possible to test their courage by jumping into the ponds.

The canyoning ends with a short climb to the hill top, offering stunning views of the entire west coast.

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