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Hiking Le Pouce Mountain


Hiking Pouce Mountain

The starting point for this hike is Moka Museum. There you will meet the guide and prepare for the hike. At Moka you can also park your car in a safe protected parking area.
From the Museum the hiking will start with a 1 hour climb up to the summit of Le Pouce mountain.

Le Pouce – This mountain is the third highest in Mauritius, peaking at 812m, is located in the North West of the island between the Pieter Both and the Signal mountain. Le Pouce is known as ‘The Thumb’ peak. The first person to climb Le Pouce is accredited as Charles Darwin.

From the peak you will have an amazing 360 degree view of Mauritius. The sight of the northern part of the island is splendid, with a beautiful view of the northern small islands of Mauritius - Flat Island, Round Island and Snake Island. You will also get to look down onto the capital and to the west part of the island.

It also offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as of Moka and the high grounds of Plain Wilhems.

From the summit you will hike down enjoying the great views until getting back to the start point at Moka.

Region: Mauritius Central Plateau
Difficulty: Average
Minimum age requirement: 10 years and above
Duration: The entire trip will take half a day: starting between 08:30 to 9:00 am until 12:00 pm.

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