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Horse Riding


The horse riding is done in a beautiful private domain spreading over 2000 hectares situated in the south-east of Mauritius.

The landscape at that domain is rather mountainous and offers the visitors spectacular panoramic views, indigenous forests, beautiful valleys, sparkling rivers, and encounters with wild animals and endemic birds.
From the domain’s peak half of Mauritius can be seen: the central plateaus, Moka mountains range, and also major part of the coastline.

Upon your arrival to the domain you will receive a welcome cocktails, followed by safety briefing and basic riding lesson.

As part of your horse riding excursion you will be able to watch kestrel, Mauritian cardinals, Java stag deers (rare deers foud in Mauritius), boars, monkeys and bats as well as rare species of birds like the "Cateau vert" and the "Crescerelle".

The horse riding trips are performed every day in the morning or during the afternoon, and are planned carefully according to the riding level of the riders so each rider will be sure to fully enjoy the ride and have memorable moments.

The horseback rides last approximately 2 hours and occur in small groups of 6 riders maximum.

The horses are “Boerperds.” This race of horses from South Africa is considered by experts as the ideal family horse – ideal for quiet rides by non-experienced riders. The nobility of these horses, their presence and their beauty makes for centuries an outstanding companion.

Experience guides will ride alongside allowing riders of all levels to enjoy the horse riding experience in maximum safety and to enjoy the scenery all along the ride.

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