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Ile Aux Aigrettes

Mahebourg, Mauritius

On the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mauritian lagoons, there exists a small island where man and nature unite towards one same goal… recreate a little piece of a long lost paradise.

After a short crossing on the magnificent bay of Mahébourg, where a lingering air of mystery, a palette of bright colors and the jagged outlines of a breathtaking landscape blend into a magical setting, discover Ile aux Aigrettes, a Nature Reserve anchored at about 800 meters off the south east coast of Mauritius. The sparkling waters of its beautiful lagoon, the ruins of an old French limekiln and the dense green canopy of the island’s forest welcome you to this charming domain where the mistress of the place is none but mother nature.

With an expert guide leading the way, walk along the rugged trail in a one and a half hour tour and experience the bubbling renaissance of an island and its inhabitants, a small and unique population made up of rare endemic species of the Mauritian flora and fauna. Accompanied by the distant cooing of the Pink Pigeon, discover along the way over 20 species of plants endemic to Mauritius; the Ebony forest, once home to the now extinct Dodo; the Nursery where thousands of young plants are produced yearly; the Ornate Day Gecko licking nectar from flower buds; the Pink Pigeon, a cousin of the Dodo, pulled back from the brink of extinction; the Aldabran Giant Tortoise brought in to replace the two species of Tortoises that lived on the island and now extinct; the Telfair’s Skink, an endangered species of reptiles; a cannon, a set of old buildings and ruins, bearing witness of the French and British presence on the island; a breathtaking view on the Mahebourg bay from the top of a restored generator house and if you’re lucky, the Mauritius Kestrel, the only bird of prey of Mauritius saved from extinction.


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