Exploring Tourism in Mauritius
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La Nessee

Belle Mare, Mauritius

Other Underwater Activities

One of the most spectacular ways to explore the ocean bed is to take a journey on the Blue Safari submarine or sub-scooter. Doing this allows non-scuba divers to safely enjoy a superb encounter with Mauritius’ vibrant marine life. It also gives them the chance to see various wrecks dating back to the 17th Century.

‘Le Nessee’, a semi-submersible boat, can also take you on a safe and comfortable discovery trip under the sea. It offers a rare and unforgettable experience, providing optimal viewing facilities for all age groups from its below-the-surface viewing room.

For those who want to experience the feeling of actually walking on the sea bed, meanwhile, ‘Captain Nemo’s Undersea Walk’ is a must. Underwater Walk Ltd. has developed a unique solar-powered diving system that sends a constant stream of fresh air to helmets worn by the undersea explorers. This allows non-scuba divers to get as close to sea-life as is physically possible, without the need to undertake expensive and time-consuming scuba qualifications.

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