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Le Souffleur

Lescalier, Mauritius

Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur, a hidden attraction known only to locals, isn't exactly a stone's throw from Souillac like the other sights in the area. You'll need a bit of gumption (and a 4WD) to tackle this one, but if you ask anyone in the know, they'll all say that it's well worth the adventure.

Situated on the coast about halfway between Souillac and Blue Bay, this geological anomaly is a half-formed grotto on the side of a cliff that spouts a geyser-like fountain of water (up to 20m in the air!) when the seas are rough. As the waves crash against the cliff the seawater pushes through a crack in the bluffs like a blowhole on a whale. If the seas aren't particularly rough during your visit, there's a natural land bridge nearby that's worth a camera click or two. It was formed when the roof collapsed on another naturally formed grotto.

To reach the super-secret souffleur, head for the Savannah sugar estate near the village of L'Escalier, cross the estate, then follow the snaking track once you reach the sea. Even if you don't seek permission to cross the sugar estate, we highly recommend bringing a local with you otherwise you may never find the place.


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